This is a 'sampler' of some of the interviews.  The numbers following each title indicate the starting point on the video timeline.

The Trib Was Banned - Jerry Shnay (0:16)
The Courtship - Lucille and Henry Wolf (2:00)
Saved by a Stranger - Edith Strauss (3:30)
Welcoming the Rabbi and Rebetzin - Leo and Helen Wolkow (7:28)
The Second Pogrom - Janet Muchnik (8:47)
From Beyt Din to Sinai - Mercedes Neves Hatchwell (10:54)
Cocoa for Yom Kippur - Edith Strauss (12:47)

Click on each link to view clips from BYBS' growing collection of oral history interviews.

The Jewish Traveler - Helen Wolkow

A Taste of Klezmer - David Gottlieb on the Klezmedics

Re-Naming Moses - Rabbi Shalom Podwol

Three Gyms for Jerry: A West Side Story - Jerry Shnay

Choosing Henry - Henry Lorsch

Hiding from the Tsar - Janet Muchnik

Brian Z Meets the Governor - Brian Zakem

Rabbi Wolkow's Wager



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